MCAD/MCSD C# .NET Certification All-in-One Exam Guide

April 25, 2010 by: Sevno

MCAD/MCSD C# .NET Certification All-in-One Exam Guide
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media | ISBN: 0072224436 | edition 2002 | PDF | 1067 pages | 16,4 MB

One is all you need! This authoritative reference offers complete coverage of all material on MCAD/MCSD Visual C# .NET certification exams 70-315, 70-316, and 70-320. You’ll find exam objectives at the beginning of each chapter, helpful exam tips, end-of-chapter practice questions, and photographs and illustrations. The bonus CD-ROM contains a testing engine with questions found only on the CD. This comprehensive guide not only helps you pass this challenging exam, but will also serve as an invaluable on-the-job reference.

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